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Read what other Mental Health owners have to say about EZClaim Software (data from our customer survey)...

Specialty State Did you think EZClaim would be a good fit? Why does EZClaim work for you? User Since
Neuropsychology AK Yes, simplicity is best and that means transmitting the claim electronically and be done. Very user freindly and was easy to learn. I also like the regular updates and improvements. 2006
Mental Health AZ yes format and libraries 1998
Relationships AZ yes ease of usedata basereports 1998
mental health services AZ yes, it was inexpensive and easy to use. i am a one person business and it was the best priced and easiest to use of all the programs/systems i looked at. 1. inexpensive2. ease of use3. keeps records for a long time4. can do a billing in no time! 1993
Psychology AZ yes very quick and easy to use 2006
Behavioral AZ Yes that its easy 1995
Educational Psychology CA Yes, it seemed simple enough for me to manage for a smaller office that does not generally accept insurance billing. It is intuitive and easy to use out of the box. 2000
Psychiatry CA The price was reasonable. With so much billing software out there I was able to download your free trial and print a test claim to see the actual after product. It's very simple to use. The free trail gives you hands on knowledge on how the software works before buying it. The customer service was wonderfull when we converted from paper printing to electronic format. 2004
Mental Health CA Yes Ease of use 2004
Psychology CA yes I liked how user friendly it was. It seemed rather intuitive. 2005
Psychology CA yes easy to use 2000
Psychology CA Yes, although when I first started using it, I didn't know I would want to submit electronically. That I can use a template rather than having to fill in the whole form each time. 2003
Psychotherapy CA Yes It truly is EZ to learn and use! 2006
psychotherapy CA yes Ease. 2003
Mental Health CA Yes, I needed a fast way to do billing. Never crashes; very stable. Requires minimal input. 2005
Drug & Alcohol Treatment CA I immediately knew it would do the job. It's user friendly 2003
Clinical Psychology CA Yes Easy 2006
Psychiatry CA I don't remember I find it very easy to use 2001
clinical psyshology CA yes It's easy and fast. An easy system to use 2004
psychoterapy CA not sure ease of use 2003
Marriage and Family Therapy CA yes Just being able to change dates of service every month and print out a claim quickly. 2001
mental health CA Yes. That I don't have to refill each field. 2000
Psychologist CA Yes Ease of use 2004
Psychology CA Since our business was the ultimate startup (the dr. was new in her practice and I had never done any kind of medical billing) I was skeptical about EZClaim--hopeful, but skeptical! After using it just once I knew this was what I needed. I appreciate the logic of data entry, it maintains the data and does not require reentry. If dx codes are changed it keeps the chronology of past data, it's just EASY to use. I love this product! 2006
Psychiatry CA yes The program is user friendly. 2006
Marriage & Family Therapy CA I was not sure if I needed to submit claims through a central program since I can submit to each payor electronically at no cost. Ease of submitting claims allows me to submit claims daily. 2008
clinical social work CA yes I have all the basic data entered once and only need to update 1998
Clinical Psych CA Doubted I could learn to use a billing program Saves everything. Very user friendly 2008
Psychotherapy CO I wasn't sure It is very easy to use. It saves me time and money. 2006
Psychology CO Yes I can place insurance groups in different files, such as medicare, workers' comp, private insurance, etc. without having to search for what patient has which insurance. I also like the 'did you know' screen. EZClaim is also very easy to use. 2000
psych CO yes the easy of completing forms 2002
Mental Health CO Yes The fast easiness of filing. 2003
Psychotherapy CT Yes Once original client and practitioner data is loaded in, it's very easy to produce claims. I especially like the interface for choosing claim dates. 2008
child & Family Therapist CT yes It stores client information, easy to use and speeds up billing process 2005
Mental Health CT yes. it's easy!Very user friendly. 2003
Clinical Psychology DC I was hesitant to use the program because I wasn't keen on depending on my computer to use it. It eases the burden of completing claims. The time invested has decreased immensely and it's much less strenuous since I don't have to write out the information anymore. 2006
Psychologist DE Yes. Ease of use. 2001
Mental Health DE Yes Its simple and fairly easy to set up 2004
Mental Health Counseling FL Yes Ease of use, memory of prior claims, reports 2003
Mental Health FL yes esasy to use . 2003
phychology FL yes easy to use 2008
Behavioral Health FL Yes Very user friendly 2001
Clinical Psychology FL Yes Ease of use 2003
Clinical Social Work FL Yes It is easy to use and very logical, espically when compared to other billing programs 1999
marriage & family therapy GA Yes. My previous officemate researched it and found EZClaim. She felt it would best serve our needs. It is easy, fast and gives immediate feedback about correctness of claim. 2004
Psychiatry HI yes it is easy! 2005
psychology HI yes ease of use 2000
Psychology HI Works well for me EZ to use 2005
counseling/adolescents ID yes The ease at which I can maneuver through the program. I'm impressed with the company's continual improvement of the product and the access I have to updates. 2007
psychaitry ID yes I did being able to add patients and the ease of printing claims 2006
children and families IL yes Once you get the patients information in, it is very easy to get a claim created. 2005
Mental Health IL Yes Easy program to use. Auto-fill 2004
Clincal social work IL Yes. Fast, easy and keeps a profile of my claims 2005
mental health IL yes It is quick and easy to use. 2004
Clincal Psychologist IL Yes The eas of automation. 2004
Couples Therapy IL Yes It really is EZ. I enter my note for the session and print out the claim. I mail claims out at the end of each week. 2003
Marriage and Family Therapy IL YES! The ease of use and no more time wasted in billing paperwork 2006
mental health IL yes easy to use, has all the features I need and doesn't overload with extras that are not needed 1995
Mental Health IL Yes Once an account is set up, the forms are quick and easy to complete. 2000
Counsling IL Yes It's not a complcated program to use. Customer service reps are fabulous & helpful. 2004
LCSW IL yes Keeps track of visits, claims, pt info. I generate bills and receipts for clients. I keep list of client phone numbers for when I am away from the office. I have list of clients by insurance. I can print on Medicare's form or print the entire form. 2002
Psychotherapy IL Yes It a user friendly program 2002
Early Intervention IL Yes Ease of use, online help/support. 2006
mental health counselor IN Yes easy to fill in information, tips are helpful, prints easily, 2008
Clinical Psychology IN Yes Easy to use 2007
Mental Health IN Yes, I prefer electronic submission when it is available. Ease of submission partly due to pre-filled fields for repeat members' claims; quick turn around of payment; having an immediate confirmation of submission rather than wondering if the paper claim made it. 2007
Mental Health Counseling KS Yes I like the ease of filing claims and the quick turn around time. Also, the report that is generated imediately after submitting claims show whether I have errors or not. 2000
Psych KS After reading the EZClaim information, I was confident it would fit the needs of my providers and my company. The ease of keying claims and ability to manage patient AR 2008
Mental Health KS Yes Keeps me organized 2002
Licensed Clinical Social Work LA Absolutely yes. I had purchased another software which was very difficult to navigate and when I heard about this software and its ease I decided to try it and have since referred multiple other clinicians to the software. It is extremely user friendly and there are portions that do not have to be re-entered thereby making the process easier and faster. The format is easy to navigate even for novice computer individuals. 2004
Clinical Social Work MA Yes Not having to fill out the entire form each time. 2001
Psychiatry MA Yes Ease of use. 2000
psychology MA Yes Easy to use. Reasonable price. Prepares reports and bills I can send out as well as medical claims. 2003
Individual psychotherapy MA Yes, and that was before I found how easy it was to file ease of use; abilitu to align with HCVA form; will attempt to file electroniclly this year 2005
Clinical Psych/Neuropsych MA Yes ease. 2003
Psychologist MA yes ease of use; affordable; reliable 1998
Psychologist MA Yes. Was strongly recommended by a colleague. Easy and quick. 2006
psychotherapy MA yes easy to use, does what I want it to, displays the data I need conveniently. 2003
Psychiatry MA Yes, I looked for a few months for a service that would work for me and chose EZClaim. It was easy to set up. Customer service was excellent. It is user friendly. 2006
Anxiety, adjustment issues MA I really though it would and I have not been disappointed. I do my own billing and the program has simplified my life and streamlined my billing immensely. Ease of use. Very intuitive and user friendly. Professional appearance and submissions are so much easier. 2006
Psychotherapy MA Yes. Relatively user friendly. Quick. 2007
mental health MD Absolutely! I like the ease of using EZClaim. 2005
Mental Health MD Yes, I thought it would be perfect for someone like me, a social worker in private practice. Not too many bells and whistles, I can do my billing quickly, tailor bills to fit different situations. I see many adolescents, and can bill their parents, for example. It prints HCFA forms perfectly. 1997
Clinical Neuropsychology MD I thought it would. Learned about it from another psychologist. I don't have to type in the same demographic and diagnostic information every time 2005
Clinical Social Work MD Thought it would and it did. Makes filling in paper claims easy and quick. 1998
psychology MD Yes Fat efficient and the owner Sarah is terrific 2002
Pediatric Neurology ME Yes simple and easy to use 2000
Mental Health ME yes It is fairly easy to use and I love that it prints the information and the form!! 2005
therapist ME Yes.But I'm probably switching to a service. Simplifies HICFAs. 2007
LCSW ME yes user friendly, easy to learn, predictable 2006
Mental Health MI Yes, we researched it very well. The ease of use and the demographics it gives us. Also I like the numerous reports that you can run. 2008
children and families MI yes, i used it at the last office i worked at. I like the calendar to click and add new dates of service. it's fast. see above. 2007
Outpatient Mental Health MI Yes, we needed low cost efficient billing software that was easy to learn and grow with. The fact that we can expand into submitting claims in the 837 format and a scheduling software that interacts with EZClaim's billing. 2003
psychotherapist MI yes I am still having trouble with printing NPI#'s in all three available spaces and have difficulty finding reports where I can print only one month of service 2002
Mental Health/ Social Work MI I did not know. Apprehensions I had about electronic billing were calmed by the sales rep telling me I would be walked through the process It is simple; competent support is friendly, and responds quickly. 2006
clinical social work MI Wasn't sure... It does everything I need it to and it's very easy to use. 2007
psychiatric MI yes user friendly 2006
Mental Health MI Yes Easy use 2008
Therapy MI Yes! Convenient to use. Easy to fill in. Easy to read. 2007
psychology MI yes easy to use 2005
Psychology MI Yes Ease of use. 2003
Psyciat MI Yes, We need it to correct some issue we had with doing corrections Easy to keep track of claims 2002
Psychology MI yes Very easy to fill out forms. Like templates. Saves the data. 2005
Mental Health Billing MI Yes, I am very satisfied with everything. I have referred many colleagues to EZCLAIM Everything! It makes my job so much easier. 2006
Mental Health MN Yes Ease of use and coordination with other programs in use. 2001
Counseling Psychology MN YEs It is pretty much all I need. 2002
Mental Health MN Yes Electronic claims are very easy to process and your customer support is very helpful (thank you for not farming it out overseas!) 2003
Mental health MN Yes It's about the best program for my needs as a one-person office. It has its problems, but it does pretty well. 2004
psychology MN I was not sure how that was going to work and was somewhat apprehensive Easy to use; clean claims from the beginning; very affordable for a small private practice. 2000
Mental Health MO Yes I appreciate the ability to recall patient data for new claims without having to re-enter all of the information. 2003
Clinical Psychology MO Yes It's ease of use. 2007
Child Psychiatry MO yes its easy 2002
Case Management MS Yes It is very user friendly. 2004
Mental Health MT yes...we were just looking for software to print a paper 1500 so we would not have to complete them by hand. We only used it for a few of our claims, until we discovered how well it worked and started using it for all of our claims. It's flexible, easy to use (new employees pick it up in no time), and the online support is awesome. This is the most responsive software company I've ever done business with. 2003
Mental health NC Yes Data is saved and it is very user friendly. 2004
Mental Health NC Ease of use! Access to the Data tables!!! Ability to customize reports. A custom report generator! 2004
Psychiatry NC Yes It is sophisticated in what it can do but simple in the way it does it, the true meaning of user friendly! 2005
Clinical psychology NC Yes The billing form contains all of the information necessary to receive payment from most clients 2002
mental health NC When i called EZ Claim to ask about thei product, I knew that was the program I need it. is user friendly, for any clinic 2002
Mental Health NE Yes. I was already introduced to EZclaim as something I would need. It is easy. 2007
Mental Health NE The program was installed before I came on board, so I was not involved in that discussion. The ease in which I can put the bill together, ongoing, then batch together and send all at once. 1989
Mental Health NH Yes I did, I researched a number of programs comparing their functionality. It is relatively easy to use and the price, relative to other programs, is significantly less expensive. 2007
Social Work NH I wasn't sure as I was TOTALLY new to doing my own billing to insurance companies Its easy (even for computer illiterate people lime me) and I LOVE all the different reports I can get by the click of a button. 2005
psychotherapy NJ yes very simple for simple needs! 2003
Psychotherapy NJ Yes It really is 'Easy'. Very fast and accurate and easy to back up. 2000
Care Management Organization NJ yes How easy it really is. 2003
Psychotherapy NJ Yes ease of entering session dates. Availability of active and inactive claim data and client information. 2001
family counseling NJ Yes easy to use; handles mistakes before sending to payor. 2004
behavioral health NJ simple and does only what I need it do--billing see above 2005
addictions NJ yes simple 2006
Psychology NY iMac with Parallels ease 2000
Psychotherapy NY Yes Fast, easy to use 2006
Psychology NY Yes Ease of use; super reliable, never a technical problem; so fast to generate claims 2002
Psychiatry NY I thought it would. does the 1500 forms easily 2003
Psychiatry NY Yes. It is easy economical, easy to use & fits our needs. 2000
Social Work NY Yes How it recalls data and its ease of sort claims and payor files 2000
Psychotherapy NY Yes Seems to address all possibilities 2005
depression NY ease Getting checks quickly. 2004
Psychiatry NY Yes, as soon as I tried the trial version I new this is what I needed It's user friendly, easy to navigate through and very easy to use... 2006
Social Work NY Yes, After doing research and talking with an account rep from EZ Claim, I was sure it was the product for me. Easy to use! 2006
Clinical Social Work NY Yes Easy to enter information needed for claims 1998
Psychotherapy NY Yes and I was correct. It is the simplist, yet complex software I looked at. Beyond that the company is responsive, friendly and easy to work with. It saves me an enormous amount of time and frustration each month. Ease of use. 2005
inidividual psychotherapy NY yes history of claims and easy entry of data 2007
Alchol & Mental Health Treatment OH No, due to the fact that we are a social services agency and it was meant for medical office use. The ease of data entry of claims. 1999
Mental Health OH Yes Customer Support 2002
Assessment, Case Mgmt OH Wasn't sure, but it turned out that it was just what we neeeded. Ease of entry and exporting of files. 2005
Behavioral Health OH yes ease of use 2008
Outpatient Counseling OH Yes Easy to read 2004
Mental Health OH I found EZClaim online and took advantage of a 30 day free trial immediately. I could tell right away that it did what I needed it to do. I like the ease of filling out a new claim, and the ease of generating paper claims. 2007
Drug & Alcohol Addiction Services OH Yes I like that the database format is in Access, because I am able to easily create additional queries to produce information for our other reporting needs. 1996
Med Som/Individual Therapy OH Yes Easy to use. Good support. 1998
Mental Health Counseling OH It was already in place when I was hired but I do like the using the software. Easy to use and set up. 2000
mental health OH yes simplicity, user friendly 2002
MH OH yep. it's pretty straight foward 2001
Behavioral Health OH Yes It's EZ, Very user friendly 2000
Psychotherapy OR I was unsure. Very easy to use and to format, and, best of all and it does the math for me! 2003
psychology OR yes simplicity in billing 1500 forms 1999
Psychiatry OR Yes. It was very easy and affordable for my employer's private practice Simplicity of the program and the ease to navigate to specific pages 2002
Correctional Health Care PA Yes- when I learned about it it was was already set up for us. Ease of use- the templates. Being able to sort by name or ID number makes it much easier to find a patient if an error was made. 2007
clinical social work PA yes. demo was instructive and reassuring consistency of data carry over from claim to claim 2007
Licensed Clinical Social Worker PA yes It's so easy to use. I love the reports, and the ability to use to of the aspects of of them 2004
Mental Health PA yes It is very easy to use! 2005
Mental Health PA Yes Simplicity 2000
Mental Health PA It seemed to fit from the time we downloaded the trial version. When the product is updated, new features are added, but not at the expense of the ease of use that has been standard for years. 2002
mental health PA yes efficiency, easy to use, keeps all the data I need. 2004
Social Work RI I wasn't sure. Never had done billing like this before only made copies of HICFA forms. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. For a small, private practice it is inexpensive and perfect. 2001
Mental Health SC Yes The ease. 2003
Psychiatry SC No, because I had tried other claim programs that did not work for me. I like the simplicity of the program. 2004
Mentql and Behavioral Health SD Yes I did because my sister had been using it for awhile and she found it to be the best program she had ever used. The easiness for setting up a new claim, for the extra features if I need them. 2001
Mental Health SD yes Ease of entering information 2002
Mental Health TX Yes It is fast 2006
Psychotherapy TX Yes It is so very easy - I recommend it to all of my colleagues. They pay expensive billing services when they could take about 30 seconds and bill for themselves. 2000
Behavioral/Mental Health TX Yes Ease of billing 2008
Social Workers TX yes it gets the job done 2008
Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy TX Yes Easy, convenient, time saving 2006
counselor TX Yes. Best value for the money. Everything I need and nothing I don't. 2000
Mental Health TX yes stores the information so that it is easy to print a new claim. 2007
Psychiatry TX Yes User friendly, easy to learn, fast claim entry. 2007
Mental Health TX Yes. It provided the electronic format I needed and had the ability to send paper claims if the payor did not have electronic capabilities. EZClaim is a very easy, intuitive, and user friendly billing management software program. The staff welcomes user input and makes adjustments to continually improve the program. 2007
Mental Health TX Yes Yes 2006
Mental Health UT Yes Inexpensive option for billing for small individual practice 1999
Mental Health UT Yes. It really is very simple and user friendly. It has cut my billing time down dramatically since I am in private practice and do my own billing. 2007
Psychotherapy VA Yes Speed! I typically have one diagnosis and one procedure code for each patient, so all I have to do is click on the calendar/dates and hit Print. No redunant data entry, ever. 2006
Clinical Psychology VA yes Ease of use 2003
Psychotherapy VA At first I didn't becasue I couldn't figure out logistically how the data would come out fitting on a HCFA form. I thought it to be more complicated. It's simplicity -the way it stores data, keeps a record of printed and unprinted claims, etc. 2005
Clinical Psychology VA Yes. It is easy to set up the files, and to add service dates and procedure codes with one easy click of the mouse. Compared to the program I had before, it's a breeze to do my own billing in my small practice. I've recommended it to colleagues. 2006
Mental Health Counselor VT yes It saves a lot of time and is easy to learn. Billing isn't a hastle anymore!! THANK YOU!!! 2007
Mental health counselor VT Yes. It came highly recommended by colleagues. The ease with which I can fill in forms. It's a time saver. 2007
Mental Health Counselor WA Yes, I was told about it by a colleague. I love it! It cuts my billing time by at least 3/4 time! Amazing software! It converted my old clients to the new HICFA 1500. 2002
Psychology WA Yes Ease of use 2003
LMT WA yes Thorough and complete. 2004
psychotherapy WA yes easy 2002
LMP WA Online and looked around and liked EZclaim. Ease 2005
Behavioral Health WA Yes, i dont have to type over the HCFA form anymore and client's info are saved into the EZCLaim dbase system. It has the capacity to do electronic billing and this is cool! Easy to work on. 1995
psychotherapy WA Yes, I have a small practice and EZClaim provided me with basic billing. it is easy to use 2004
MENTAL HEALTH WI yes, it seemed like a perfect fit! And it continues to be after many years. I like the fact that it is so easy to use and that everyone at EZClaim is wonderful to deal with. Questions get answered, suggestions get heard. 2003
Psychology WI Yes Ease of use, prints claims readily, good record-keeping, synchonizes with Quickbooks. 1998
psychiatry WI Yes, The pricing and system was affordable for a small practice Cost, and productivity 2005
psychology WV Heard about it and saw it demonstrated by a sole provider. Ordered it the next day. I like the fact that you can set it up for several providers. But I still have problems when it comes to editing and applying a template change to clients entered under a template which now different for 'new clients'. 2007
counseling & psychology WV Yes, the program was recommended by another psychologist with her own small practice. It sounded like just what we needed. Ease of use; manual is very easy to access and understand. 2007