Office Ally

EDI Connection Library Settings for Claims and Reports

    Use the ‘Secure File Transfer’ type when setting up the EDI connection library.

    Contact Office Ally for the latest Secure FTP connection settings.

Host Name:

Port: 22

Upload Directory: inbound

Download Directory: outbound

Check “Automatically Name and Save Upload Files” unless otherwise directed by Office Ally.

DO NOT check the ‘Allow SFTP Site to Move or Delete Files’.  Otherwise, you will receive duplicate report files.


ANSI 837 (Claims) Submitter/Receiver Library Entry

    Submitter ID = Office Ally assigned Company ID number

    Receiver Name = OFFICE ALLY

    Receiver ID (NM109) = 330897513

    Receiver ID (ISA07) = 30

    Receiver ID (ISA 08) = 330897513

    Receiver Code (GS03) = 330897513






ANSI 270 (Eligibility) Submitter/Receiver Library Entry





    Office Ally assigns your User Name, also known as your Submitter ID.  They will provide this by email.  This should also be entered in the ISA02, ISA06, and GS03 fields. 

    Eligibility password should be entered in ISA04.  This password is provided by OA in a separate email.  Do not enter your SFTP password in this field.  To comply with ANSI standards, the password must be 10 digits or less. 

Next, go to Tools > Program Setup (ADMIN password required) > Patient Eligibility.  This should be configured as follows:


Eligibility Payer IDs

The Office Ally eligibility payer ID may be different from the claim submission payer ID.  If Office Ally’s payer name matching feature is used for claim submission, the payer ID sent in the 837 is ignored.  Therefore, it is OK to enter the Eligibility Payer ID into EZClaim’s payer library.


Congratulations, you are now ready to check Patient Eligibility from your Premier program!  If you receive the following error message, please contact Office Ally to confirm your credentials.