ERA ANSI 835 File - FAQ

Q: What is an ERA?

A: An ERA is an Electronic Remittance Advice file.  It is the information you would usually receive on a paper EOB, in an electronic format. It is called an ‘ANSI 835’ file.


Q: How do I receive the ANSI 835 files?

A: If you have enrolled with your insurance carrier, your 835 file will be available from the Bulletin Board System (BBS), web page or FTP program.  EZClaim/MedAvant customers contact your EDI representative.


Q: Will I be able to receive an ANSI 835 file from all insurance companies?

A: Check with your insurance company about receiving ERA’s.  Not all insurance companies return an ANSI 835 file.


Q: How soon will I receive an ANSI 835 file?

A: If you have enrolled with the payer to received ANSI 835 files, the ANSI 835 file should be available within approximately two weeks.  Verify with your insurance company.


Q: How do I view and then post payment information from an ANSI 835 file?

A: EZClaim has a feature that allows you to analyze your 835 file, apply payments into EZClaim and run reports on the ANSI 835 file.  See instruction below for Downloading and Posting payments.


Q: Can I print the ANSI 835 file in an EOB format?

A: Yes, when you analyze an 835 file through EZClaim’s EDI File Analyzer, under Reports, you can choose ‘Print EOB’.